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I'm Alyssa. I create elaborate fashion campaigns and creative content for brands, designers, boutiques, bloggers, models, influencers, and agencies around the globe. You can find me currently kickin' it by the cacti in the desert of Las Vegas. For now. (Stay tuned for updates, my wild heart doesn't stay settled long.)

I'm obsessed with every place and every climate, it's all my favorite! I was born and raised in the desert, my youthful heart called me to the sea, and after, my intuition drew me up into the mountains for a seasonal snowboard gig where the mysteries of the forest breathed the possibilities of life back into my soul.

I attended college at FIDM, studying all things Fashion Design. There, I was taught Photoshop before I knew anything about Photography, which gave me an unexpected perspective onto a unique path. I now have been taking photographs for 8 years, with 10 years of straight nerding out on photoshop until odd hours in the night, teaching myself all the tricks. Figuring out how all those girls on Insta look SO TAN (note bio photo. LOL) or learning how to create that pretty new blue sky backdrop to cover up the drab grey that was there before. 

I drink excessive amounts of matcha lattes while doing my daily editing and marketing. I cook a lotta veggie-packed dinners, but tbh, I really love pizza. (Who doesn’t?? LOL) I've always been kind of a tiny human (5'2") which is fitting, since my name actually comes from the tiny white flower 'Alyssum.' 

My love of Fashion Photography fuels my existence and is my daily driving force. To create beautiful magic with others, to connect with every creative mind I can find, and to establish a global network of unity, community, and positivity over the negative isolation of market competition.

I live to take pictures, create art, connect the industry, and elevate the experience. 


Wanna talk more about photography pains, Pineapple pizza, or booking your dream project?


If you're still curious, here's a little slice of who I've already worked with:

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