Wild Red in Lake Powell

A much needed trek into the wildly fierce desert oasis of Lake Powell was successfully completed!  3 Days, 6 Friends, 1 Cat, 1 Boat, and 1 crudely constructed campsite in the majestically unforgiving Arizona wilderness... Oh, and 30.5 seconds to pack all of the necessary gypsy awesomeness... Legitimately turned out to be nothing less than one HELL of an unforgettable time... AND with one of the most miraculous sunsets imaginable, WHICH I captured on camera. #Yes.

There were definitely some things that went awry (extreme wind on the last day, blown away campsite, and almost losing the cat several times) but there were wayyyy more things that went right.  I absolutely loved the experiences I shared, the obstacles I overcame, and the photographs I was lucky enough to take.  

Being a girly-girl at my core, camping in the deep wilderness for days used to sound freakin' terrible to me, not to mention fashionably illogical, but now a last minute several-day excursion is a no-brainer. Of course I will go forth into the wild and be fabulous!

Below is my Lake Powell October Trip Swag Pack List of most of what I brought with me (attire only), and my additional recommendations for a late autumn desert adventure:

1. Obviously you need a backpack to store all the goods, I just grabbed the first thing I could find, but ridiculous bright blue Dollskill foxtail keychain for the zipper? Essential. Haha  2. Sunscreen!!!! I can't stress this enough, if you only bring one beauty cream with you to the great outdoors, save yourself from tomato face and grab the screen. If you forgot it, buy it at the super-overpriced Marina store. Do it.  3. Marshmallows for roasting!!!!  4. One of my fav bikini's, the One Teaspoon silver liquid awesome, don't fear the tan lines, they're the coolest ones you could ever get anyways. But seriously, don't forget a suit, one of the girls who came with did, and she wore my spare the entire time!  5. Rockin' rhinestone desert shades, perhaps excessive for camping? But hey, I live for excessive. Shades in general you NEED for the scorching desert sun.  6. "I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight." Best. Desert. Top. Ever... 'Nuff said, purchased from Widow's Den in Las Vegas.  7. Flip Flops! It's good to just grab some easy wear, potentially easily losable feet friends. I forgot mine and had to buy a crappy pair of kiddy flops, but I would've much preferred these Havaianas. 8. "Never Love A Cowboy." Sweatshirt, Wildfox, pink color, love. 9. Sweatpants!! The desert can get chilly at night, especially in the fall. People tend to forget that. I just used my awesome boyfriend's, but any pair will do!

XOXO - Best of luck fashion gypsies!