Graffiti Rainbows of Texas

One of my favorite things about adventuring around a new urban area is stumbling upon graffiti enclaves. With beautiful color and thought-provoking material, there is so much under-appreciated and underrated awesomeness in the symbols and stories sprayed across cityscapes all over the globe... 

I've personally always enjoyed taking photos of graffiti, from Bologna to Vegas. Back in college, (circa 2009) I did a personal film photography series of the graffiti art of Downtown Los Angeles. Similar in color and life, these shots in this post were taken in various areas near Downtown Houston, surprisingly, a nice bright pop of culture in a seemingly vast and dull industrial hub. I definitely needed to find these murals when I did, they even led me into making a new friend!

A message to my wildly talented city street art hooligans: #SprayOn.

A message to everyone else: #StopAndLookAtArt