Road To Hana


I decided I NEEDED to photograph all of the green amazingness possible, most of it from a speeding car (boyfriend driving semi-recklessly) around, up, down, stop, go, stop, stop, yea, obviously I like a challenge.

The road around rural Maui.

My second trip on the Road to Hana this year was a journey made with family. My brother and his girlfriend's parents met up with us in Maui for some island exploration.  "The Road" is always an all-day event, at minimum, driving as fast as possible around the winding single-lane switchbacks, the road will take 4 hours to tour, and that's without the sightseeing. There's so much jungle and hidden surf to explore, every time you adventure around this side of the island, you discover something new and magical.

Honestly the magic of Hana can be as low-key or high intensity as you'd like, whether you just what to take the scenic drive and look fabulous while snapping shots from the rental car the entire time, or if you want to get really gypsy serious, you can hike miles through the immense jungles and bamboo forests to reach towering waterfalls (totally worth it.) Along the drive, the local food stands and the handmade trinkets are abundant and highly photo-icon worthy, Hana really is a perfect representation of old-school Maui at its touristy best.

Below is my Hana Road Trip Swag Pack List of most of what I wore and I few goodies just for FYI purposes:

1. Blue reflective sunglasses, Billabong in Lanikai. 2. Hibiscus Flowers!!! So beautiful, they seem like the perfect Hawaiian ear accessory, but be careful before you pluck one for wear, a crap ton of tiny evil bitting bugs could be waiting to chew your face off. Ask the locals. 3. Gold Antler Tip Necklace, an authentic Oahu find. 4. POW Vintage Muscle Tee, snagged this at the local market in Kihei, pure one-of-a-kind awesome. 5. Swimwear!! Here I'm wearing a Black Bikini from Pakaloha Bikinis, with several locations in Maui, they have some great bikinis in like every color, and they give you an adorable hand colored paper baggie for your purchase!! And then for my bottoms, Mikoh Swimwear teenie mint greenies from Molly Brown's Swimwear. ***Side Note: Gypsy Rule #36: It's fun and way more interesting to always mix-match your bikini tops and bottoms.  6. Acai!! While in Hawaii everyone must try true fresh acai, some of the best I found on the island was at the Farmacy Health Bar in Wailuku (pictured.). 7. Plumeria Fragrance Oil, beautiful scented oil I picked up from one of the lovely trinket shops along the road for only $10! 

XOXO - Good Vibes & Aloha <3