Colorful Ice Castles of Midway

The BoyToy drinking Hot Cocoa styrofoam style.

The BoyToy drinking Hot Cocoa styrofoam style.

Nati-Ice lol

Nati-Ice lol

Rainbow Color Changing Ice Castles!!

Since it's Valentines Day today, I thought I might post about some romantic winter adventuring. We took a trip to the Ice Castles earlier this week partially for photo shoot location scouting, and partially for an adorably freezing end to an anniversary date! These majestic castles are located up in the mountains of Midway, UT. About a half hour drive from Park City, or an hour drive from Downtown SLC. They're a Midway tradition, unlike a lot of the other 'traveling' Ice Castles around the country, these are built here every winter only for winter!

Seriously, sooooo cold but sooooo pretty!!! My first Ice Castle experience was in Breckenridge two winters ago. I remember the cold, but I don’t think I remembered the cold quite as cold as this. Ice Castle advice numero uno: Layer up!!! My boyfriend’s feet almost basically froze off because he was only wearing Vans. Haha But the hot cocoa was fantastic and only like $3.50, and the experience itself was intriguingly surreal! 

Below is my Swag List of Ice Castle Essentials:

1. First off: FUR. Whether it’s real or vegan, you’ll need some serious insulation.  2. Vintage Fur Coat. The one I wore is my Grandmother’s, and the warmest thing I had in my car. 3. Hot Cocoa! As I mentioned above, perfect compliment to the seemingly arctic freeze.  4. Furry Ear Muffs because they're more adorable than regular ones.  5. Fun Snowboard-Grade Burton Mittens, I prefer mittens because they keep my fingers warm and cozy altogether. 6. Black Patent Moon Boots! 7. A picture of an upside-down glacier in the Antarctic, because I felt like it fit the tone <3

Ice Castle Address: 2002 Soldier Hollow Road, Midway, UT

It's only open for a few months of winter, so if you're going to go, you should plan ASAP!! Ticket prices are only $10 - $18, depending on what day of the week you go and whether you buy ahead online. Http://

Personally, my next Ice Adventure I'd love to be in a land far far away in a super cool Ice Hotel (James Bond style) or maybe even Iceland!

Until Next Time Ice Queens!!! XOXO