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But first, I just wanna be really real with you...

If you're out here on the interwebs looking for the perfect Photog for your next super exciting project, I'm sure you have a few key expectations in mind. Often, the stars align in an amazing client/creator bond of complete awesomeness, and other times... Well, maybe not.

If your ideal choice happens to be the usual Jane D with a camera, who just shows up, performs the routine point 'n shoot, and hands you over all of the raw files on a CD drive.... That's not really my thing. Also, if the one check box on your list is snagging the cheapest "trade" photographer in town, than you're probably not about the details of the craft. As a client, finding your version of the ideal Photographer to fit your needs is so SO important! I want this situation to be a perfect fit for everyone involved, especially YOU!

A fashion campaign is more than just a photography gig, its creating an experience; an experience shared by the model, the makeup artist, the stylists, the designers, the photographer, the assistants, the audience and then the entire world. It is a production, big or small, that creates a mood and elevates a stage for your brand and your message.

What do you want your vibe to say about you and your tribe? What are the values your ideal customer craves? 

I want to create something AMAZING, AWE INSPIRING, and UNFORGETTABLE for you. Let's take your dream theme and make something greater than your ever could've imagined.

The possibilities are endless.

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You're ready!

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