Instagram Content Plans - Roadmaps of IG for your Business - By Alyssa Risley @alyssarisley

Like a ROADMAP of your Social Media for your Brand & Business



Do you ever fall behind on Instagram posts because you just simply don't have enough time to get together content?

Do you stress over creating meaningful or engaging captions?

What about a color theme and hashtags? Is it difficult to keep everything flowing or do you just honestly have no clue where to start?!

You get that it's important, because you're passionate about your business, but maybe you're just not ready to commit and hire a full-time Social Media Manager? 

I feel ya, and I most definitely have THE solution to your IG struggle that keeps the authority of your account in your hands! 

Meet your NEW Instagram BFF : The Content Plan. These plans are like a Social Media Manager without the hire, stress, or fear of disassociation from your valued customers!

These are individualized content strategies that align with the HEART and SOUL of your brand identity and voice!!  Whether your theme is white, bright, or retro, and whether you're a fashion boutique, yoga studio, or ice cream shop, I can curate relevant and beautiful content for YOU!

You simply complete your purchase, I send you on on-boarding packet, we schedule a finalization call, and I create and deliver your plan within 3-5 business days!



$1,000 - 1 Month Content Plan

$10,000 - 12 Month Content Plan Value Commitment (Delivered Monthly) 

(Waaayyyyy Cheaper than a Social Media hire?? Am I right??)


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Some of you may still be thinking... "Why does it still seem expensive?..."

This is a DONE FOR YOU service where I personally gather, curate, conceptualize, brand, and PLAN your entire Instagram Social Media calendar so all you have to worry about is engaging with your amazing future customers!

Top preforming brand accounts post on Instagram 1 - 3 X DAILY. Every. Single. Day. That's a whole lotta content my friends. This service can literally save you 10+ hours EVERY SINGLE WEEK! That's a whole entire 40+HR work week of saved time to put back into yourself and your business every month!! The peace of mind itself is literally priceless.  

Each Month Includes:

  • 30 Mock Instagram Posts. (My plan curates more than just one post a day for ya, because I don't just want your brand to get out there, I want you to dominate!! Plus that's an average of $33 a day, not baaad.)

  • Customized Captions for every post. (True to your unique personal posting style.)

  • 30 Corresponding Hashtags optimized for EACH POST.

  • All personalized brand and content research and curation from Pinterest, Tumblr, similar genres, and high performing Influencer posts.

Can be used with Sprout, Hootsuite, Shedugram, HopperHQ, or any other preferred delivery scheduler services, or, can be delivered as a PDF with copy/paste for manual posting!

*This is a SCHEDULED / POST YOURSELF Package delivered 1X per month. Does NOT include full-time social media management, engagement, growth, photography, photo shoots, Influencer collabs, retouch, or personal content creation. Other packages and services available.


Still not sure if an Instagram Content Plan is the way to go for your business? Or don't know whether you have enough content for this kind of service?


A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine De Saint-Exupery