Instagram Content Plan

Instagram Content Plan



60 Scheduled Instagram Posts. (My plan curates more than just one post a day for ya, because I don't just want your brand to get out there, I want you to dominate!! That's only an average of $16 a post, not baaad.)

  • Customized Captions for every post. (True to your unique personal posting style.)

  • 30 Corresponding Hashtags optimized for EACH POST.

  • All personalized brand and content research and curation from Pinterest, Tumblr, similar genres, and high performing Influencer posts.

*This is a SCHEDULED / POST YOURSELF Package delivered 1X per month. Does NOT include full-time social media management, engagement, growth, photography, photo shoots, Influencer collabs, retouch, or personal content creation. Other packages and services available.

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