Alyssa's Art of the Insta Collab

Alyssa's Art of the Insta Collab


Complete Video Guide Workshop to bookin’ your 1st FREE 10K+ Influencer!

Have you always secretly wanted to work with a certain AH-mazing Instagram Influencer, but didn’t know exactly how to go about it?…

Maybe you’ve already tried sending out tons and TONS of emails and DM’s with no reply, and you just feel like NOTHING is getting through and you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong?…

Well! You have come to the RIGHT PLACE my friend :) I have built my entire business on working with Instagram Influencers from the very beginning, step by step, and it all started out with the sacred COLLAB.

Whether you’re a Photog looking to break into the IG world, a Model looking to network with other Influencers, or the Owner of a fresh new Biz ready to take your marketing to the NEXT LEVEL… A working system for contact and communication is something you NEED to put in place ASAP to save yourself YEARS of trial and error! But, you already know this though, because you’re awesome, and that’s why you found yourself here :)

You may be thinking: “But wait! I don’t even have enough followers for Influencers to take me seriously!!”

Well, you actually don’t need TONS of Followers to work with Influencers who have them. (Trust me, I started from 0 with no PR, no famous friends AND noooo Insta Collab Workshop to save me from months of hopeless confusion… lolol)

BUT! What you absolutely do need to have, is a clearcut STRATEGY.

I created The ART OF THE INSTA COLLAB Workshop to literally teach you alllll about the ins and outs of Collabing on the Gram! It will not only show you the ropes on how to successfully pitch your FAV Influencers, how to implement easy to remember rules and guidelines to build a portfolio and products that represents your creative vision, BUT ALSO how to put together an AMAZING Collab experience that will have Influencers raving to their friends and wanting to work with you time and time again!


  • Everything you need from start to finish!

  • Comprehensive Step by Step Guide 

  • How to Build a solid Foundation.

  • How to clearly define your Product & Portfolio.

  • Action Plans & Perspectives for BOTH Brands & Photographers!

  • How to formulate your pitch.

  • Influencer 101: All the DO’s & DON’T’s

  • How to select the RIGHT Influencer for YOU.

  • FOOLPROOF actionable process for making contact!

  • Email Master Plan Sequence

  • What NOT to say / do to avoid RUINING the Collab!

  • How to Comment / DM any Influencer!

  • Mistakes I made and how to AVOID them!

  • Extra Bonus Tips for setting up the BEST COLLAB EVER!

  • Recommended Collab Resources


Working with Influencers should be the next mega necessary leap on your to-do list for marketing your business and you simply can’t put it off any longer….

Let’s get COLLABING!

The ART OF THE INSTA COLLAB Workshop is accessible ONLINE ONLY here at Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a special THANK YOU CARD with the LINK & your new PASSWORD LOGIN info! :)


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Happy Collabing <3 <3

Xx Alyssa