Alyssa's Awesome Style Guide

Alyssa's Awesome Style Guide


Be a Fashion Photographer with Style.

Have you ever been SO excited about booking a photoshoot with that AHmazing Influencer, only to realize day before the shoot that you have nooooo idea what to have them wear or where the heck you’re going to get cool clothes from?? Or worse, are you just plain tired of wasting your time on trashy shoots by always relying on the model to bring their own clothes, only to be beyond disappointed because their selection is tragic or bland, and you honestly don’t even want to use the photos in your port or have them tag you on the gram?? Yea, I feel ya, and I really just can’t let that happen to you any longer.

Having a consistent style and voice is ESSENTIAL to building yourself and your brand, ESPECIALLY in the fashion world! If you’re not working with a wardrobe stylist on every shoot (cuz let’s be honest, who can really do that for their entire portfolio, especially in the beginning??) than you need to be in the know on how to style and put together a wardrobe with a coordinating theme for your shoots! 

Sometimes though, unless you’ve actually gone to fashion school like me (yup, that’s right, I got my fancy degree in Fashion Design and everything) than it can be a little bit tricky to know where to start or what the rules are when getting together a bunch of clothes to take pictures in! Especially if you’re a guy trying to pick out outfits for your female model, or vice versa! 

Whether you’re a photographer looking to get into the fashion editorial world, a model looking to become a style influencer, or the owner of a new awesome clothing boutique about to hire a professional team for your next campaign, STYLE is something you need to have, or figure out ASAP! You already know this though, because you’re awesome, and you’ve thought about the ins and outs of what you should probably start doing, that’s why you found yourself here :)

I created this Awesome Style Guide to not only show you the ropes on how to put together a set of outfits that really MAKE SENSE, but also how to create a story with your theme and backdrop, how to conceptualize your process, and how to implement easy to remember rules and guidelines to build a style that represents YOU and your creative vision!


  • Basics

  • Theme

  • Location

  • Colors

  • Patterns

  • Graphics / Logos

  • Materials

  • Textures

  • Lingerie / Bra Style

  • Swim

  • Implied Nudity

  • Accessories

  • Shoes

  • Props

  • Sourcing

  • Stylist Pulls

  • Fit

  • Sizing

  • Juxtaposition

  • Emotion

  • External Factors

  • Establishing Your Style

  • Rules to Implement

  • Checklists

  • Recommended Resources

  • FAQ’s

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Happy Styling <3 <3

Xx Alyssa