Blue Hawaiian Collection

Blue Hawaiian Collection


This Awesome Actions Pack contains 7 finely-tuned Photoshop Actions especially created from my adventuring in Hawaii to bring out those ocean blues, lush summer vibes, and bronzy sun-kissed skin. In my own Photography, I consistently work with models of varying skin tones and shades, so I have formulated this pack with a variety of options recommended for both darker skin and lighter skin, but many are interchangeable depending on the desired effect!

  • These Actions are created for PHOTOSHOP only, (these are NOT Lightroom Presets) and they can be installed into any version of Desktop Photoshop, including CC. These Actions may be applied to either RAW or JPEG photos depending on preference.

  • All of my Photoshop Actions are specifically created to be applied LAST! This means AFTER all skin-editing and general retouch has been preformed as a FINAL layer. These Actions DO NOT apply any smoothing effect or change the textures of the skin whatsoever, although they do include a final Film Grain Effect which can be easily removed when applicable.

  • Since not all photos are taken with the same settings, exposure, lighting, style, color etc. please keep in mind some Actions may require extra tweaks and re-application to bring the photo to its fullest potential. But don’t worry, using these Actions is super simple, and you can instantly remove them with one click without compromising the original edit to add additional changes before re-applying or trying out a different Action.

I have created a how-to video guide for reference to show you how I use these in my own editing process, which also includes a few additional tips and tricks for application! This video will be included in your purchase.

Actions Pack & Video Guide will be sent automatically via email as a digital download immediately after you complete your purchase!

Also, guess what else? All of Alyssa Risley’s products give back to help our Mother Earth stay clean and green!

  • 5% of your purchase will be donated to the GreenPeace Fund! GreenPeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems. They consistently push for solutions within governments worldwide and demand corporations to do their part to protect and clean our beautiful environment and oceans! To learn more about their awesome environment saving adventures, read more here!


  • Chocolate Bay

  • Sunset Blue

  • Autumn Ocean

  • Burnt Tourist

  • Red Sea

  • Blue Jay

  • Pink Cabana

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Blue Jay Photoshop Action:


Chocolate Bay Photoshop Action:


Sunset Beach Photoshop Action:


Red Sea Photoshop Action:


Autumn Ocean Photoshop Action:


Pink Cabana Photoshop Action:


Burnt Tourist Photoshop Action:

These Photoshop Actions are made by copyright of Alyssa Risley, and are not for resale or redistribution. Please reference the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for all Legal, Copyright, and Data info.

There are NO refunds or exchanges for any Action Pack downloads, if you’re running into any issues with installation or application, please email me at and I’ll help you get things sorted out!

If you’re wanting a specific pack for a certain skin tone or look, please keep an eye out for my other Action Packs coming soon so that you can have the perfect Pack for your style and needs! Also, feel free to email me at with any requests or other questions and information.

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Happy Photoshopping <3 <3

Xx Alyssa