Sundancing in Park City

This past week was the Sundance Film Festival!! Yay!! I was pretty excited to actually be in Salt Lake while the infamous Hollywood-Winter escapade was happening this year. I didn't get to participate as much as I had originally wanted, but I did get out and see the scene for at least one night!

Below is my Wednesday Sundance Swag List of what I decided to wear that night, and what I feel are some of my serious winter staples:

1. Technica Moon Boots!!!! Love love love these, I've worn them for almost 3 winter seasons now, and I'm ever longing for a new pair. They're such a hit in the mountains, and everywhere basically, everyone everywhere loves Moon Boots. They're like walking on Mattresses. Get some. 2. Long Thigh High Grey Socks from SockDreams. Perfect for layering winter warmth and cuteness. 3. Slouchy Navy Sweater. The one I wore was from Stefanel in Florence, Italy. 4. Cosmic Leggings. From Ebay... Shhhh... Don't tell. They honestly are an awesome pattern, and they go perfect with my pink and blue hair right now. 5. Chelsea Shearling Coat from Nasty Gal, I've had this asymmetrical thing for a few years now as well, it's warm and cozy and it's neutral tone goes well with almost anything. 6. Fur Trapper Hat! I've had an obsession with this style of hat forever. It's awesome. Best warm hat mountain chic winter accessory. 7. Vodka Tonic. Everyone needs a cocktail for their party nights, and on this particular night my friend from Five Wives and Underground Liquor who sponsored the event provided a free one, just for me!