Fly Away to Florida

Florida!!! A mini trip of sunny and 70. Mostly work-oriented, but I did manage to hit up Tasty Tuesday’s in Orlando for some low key local food truck goodness near downtown, as well as a day trip to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach for some East Coast sunshine and flavor!

Florida Swag List:

1. One Teaspoon Bonitas, perfect summer vibe shorts.  2. Colorful hair bands, better than regular hair ties.  3. Compass Ring, I’ve been wearing this almost everyday since I ordered it from Etsy a year ago, helps me to find my grounding when I’m lost away in my mind.  4. Dot Dash Blue Tortoise Sunnies, snagged in Hawaii, sold to a random guy in Florida for 4X the price. No Joke. #Swag.  5. Gold Tip Antler Necklace, also one of my staple jewelry pieces over the last year.  6. Greetings from Florida! I love to collect and send post cards while I travel, it’s a timeless fun souvenir to send in the mail. 7. Nike Lunarlons, these are my everything workout/active shoes, I custom splatter painted them with some black liquid acrylic to make them extra Alyssa.  8. Aloha Water Bottle from Urban Outfitters in Honolulu, super useful and such a great buy for yoga and travel and everyone drinking water ever.  9. Wildfox Gym Bag, I use this bag everyday as a laptop/camera/work stuff bag, it fits everything I need for being productive on a daily basis, and it’s super cute.  

Gypsy Tip #14: Attach an awesome carabiner water bottle to your backpack or carryon bag at the airport, you’ll have to pour it out through security, but once you’re through to the gates, it’ll save you so much money and hassle!! (8. Aloha!) #SaveThePlanet

Gypsy Tip #32: When taking a small excursion, it’s best to dawn one set of jewelry (as many rings, necklaces, earrings, and anklets you usually wear at any given time) and stick with that to minimize packing and simplify wardrobe selection during the trip!

I liked Florida, it was my first time there, I definitely want to go back again, but next time I want to see Miami and Key West, and preferably closer to the warmer end of the seasons!